Sunshine Personnel Solutions LLC (SPS) is committed to providing responsible, capable, high-quality employees who come to your site ready to work.

When you choose to work with Sunshine Personnel Solutions LLC (SPS), you’re building a relationship with a team of business professionals.

We know how important it is to minimize the amount of time and money spent in finding the right employees. We focus on providing prompt service, quick response times, and look forward to hearing from you concerning your temporary employee and direct placement needs. We can save you the time, effort, and advertising costs and expenses associated with recruiting your own employees. Our goal is to meet your expectations by simplifying the search for the right candidate for your business. SPS gives the employer the flexibility of using our temporary personnel as needed whether it is for short term or long term assignments. Our specially-trained staff will provide you with the right candidate based on your staffing needs.

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Providing prompt service in order to staff your needs is a priority for Sunshine Personnel Solutions, LLC. We have staff in place that is specialized in providing you with the right candidate based upon your needs.